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NOAA Tropical Storm Link


Hurricane Ian

**VoIP Hurricane Net will activate at 6 AM EDT Wednesday Morning and will remain active potentially through 11 PM EDT Thursday evening for Major Hurricane Ian and its potentially significant impacts on the state of Florida supporting WX4NHC, the Amateur Radio station at the National Hurricane Center in Miami Florida**
**WX4NHC will also be active with their Amateur Radio Station through this time period for as long as needed.**

Any Amateur Radio Operators in the affected area of Ian or with relays into the affected area of Ian are asked to provide surface and damage reports into the VoIP Hurricane Net for relay into WX4NHC, the Amateur Radio station at the National Hurricane Center. We appreciate any and all support from Amateur Operators in the affected area or Amateur Operators with relays into the affected area. We are looking for reports based on the National Weather Service SKYWARN Reporting criteria. This can be seen on the VoIP Hurricane Net web site at the following link:

Echolink Conference *ARERT* 

AllStar Link Node # 273660


Linked to TG 1008 and Reflector 4502 of the DMR Plus System (

NOTE:  TG 1008 is only on the IPSC2-MINNESOTA DMRPlus Server.

Reflector 4502 is available on all DMRPlus servers.

For Fusion: YCS311 - Room 74 (


This Conf server is linked to the *WX_TALK* conf during Hurricane Season

and may have weather nets relayed to it during severe weather season.



Echolink stations that connect MUST NOT HAVE AUTO TEXT enabled

Meaning, if your station connects to the conference and texts in the text box every time someone connects to your station you will be banned from the conference.  This clutters the text box for more important messages.



Click Below to see the VOIPWX Network Site


Click here to go to the National Hurricane Center on the Atlantic Side



To listen to the conference online try one of these links (If I need more capacity I will add more servers.) (1000 user limit) (ONLINE) (100 User Limit) (ONLINE) user limit) (Backup Feed) (ONLINE) (100 User Limit) (ONLINE) (Video and Audio Stream) (Weather and current events) (Only weather related on this stream) (Now on Telegram)



For more audio feeds go to

See for my DMR system.














Latest Burnsville, Minnesota, weather conditions and forecast



Latest Faribault, Minnesota, weather conditions and forecast

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