Amateur Radio Emergency Response Teams

(Of The World)

Stay tuned for updates.
This site is based out of Minnesota, USA. 
That is why most things on this site is related to Minnesota.
I will add more if requested or if I get more time to do so.


DMR Plus Reflector 4502 is patched to *WX_TALK * conference on echolink and the weather room on WiresX.

These may be muted from the *WX_TALK* conference depending on the situation.


Echolink Conference *ARERT* has been created

More info coming soon.


See for my DMR system.


Please Do Not Donate to the Red Cross.

For every $10 you give them they give only $0.90 to the people of need.

The Red Cross are crooks.  They steel donations and try selling it.













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Latest Burnsville, Minnesota, weather conditions and forecast


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Latest Faribault, Minnesota, weather conditions and forecast

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